Winches and Winders

EVENTSPEC specialize in the complete manufacture of Winches and Winders as well their associated equipment. 
Due to our capability to completely fabricate and machine all the necessary components, we are able to Overhaul and Replace worn components. Additionally we have the capability to re-manufacture entire units to fit existing configurations, without altering foundations or original equipment. This includes substituting or modifying redundant equipment to equal or improved standards from the original specifications.

Due to the size of its workshop EVENTSPEC has crane lifting capacity of 20 Tones, coupled with the skill levels of our staff, we are able to supply various hoist types and sizes:
• Friction winders
• Stage Winches/Kible Winders
• Multi-Rope winders
• Service Hoists
• Haulage Units
• Head Sheaves
• Deflection Sheave Assemblies
• Endless Rope Transportation Systems
• Single Drum Winders
• Double Drum Winders (Man & Material)
• Winder associated Equipment Manufacturing