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With 19 reputable years’ experience, we boast outstanding Manufacturing, Project Management and Performance Levels which has positioned us as a market leader in the Heavy Engineering Industry. 

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Eventspec | Mining Engineering

EVENTSPEC is a World Class Heavy Engineering and Mining Company located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As a leading Design and Manufacturing company, we achieve the highest standards of excellence in every aspect; start to finish.

Our in-house design department delivers Turnkey Solutions, tailored to the individual requirements and challenges of our clients. Making use of precision measurement tools and industry leading CAD software, allows us to deliver the highest quality designs. 

Our full capability in Specialised Machining allows us to manufacture all parts in-house, namely; Winches and Winders, Padfoot Shells, Rock Buckets and components for Drill Rig Boom Refurbishments.

Our team closely focuses on Health and Safety by adhering to our ISO accreditation. 

Our 3400m2 workshop has dedicated Machining Equipment, namely CNC, Conventional Lathes and Milling Machines, as well as full capacity for Fabrication and Final Assembly Facilities for Underground Drill Rig Booms.  

Forming part of the workshop is our Hydraulic Assembly Room where we overhaul components using our hydraulic test bench. Our team diligently checks each cylinder to insure proper functionality within specific operation parameters. 

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